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calibrated polished diamonds:

Calibrated diamonds

Sizes starts from 0.30 ct
Colors D-E-F
Clarity SI1 - IF

Fancy Diamonds

From 0.10 ct - and higher
Clarity SI1 - VS

Colorless Diamonds

Sizes starts from 1.0 ct
Colors D-E-F
Clarity SI1 - IF

Why Emerald?

With a smooth rectangular top and delicately stepped sides, the emerald cut invites the wearer to see its inner beauty – the perfectly formed step cut facets and magnificently structured symmetry. As its name suggests, this cut was originally intended to enhance the beauty of emeralds, but it was soon discovered that the technique had much to offer a diamond’s scintillation and it has since become a popular way to enhance the stone's beauty.

Did you know?

An Emerald cut engagement ring is a symbol of wealth and status due to the high clarity required to appreciate its true beauty. A popular cut due to its elongated shape, Victoria Beckham, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have all been seen wearing an Emerald cut engagement ring.

Diamond Facet Structure

Depending on the number or rows in the crown and pavilion, an Emerald cut diamond will usually have 57 facets. The perfect ratio will typically be anywhere between 1.30 and 1.50 depending on the personal preferences of the wearer."

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  • Certified by IGI International Gemological Institute

    You'll feel secure knowing it's a real certified diamond SyntecLab diamonds larger than a 0.50 carat are certified by either International Gemological Institute or for an additional fee, Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Your certificate assures that your purchase is 100% identical to a mined diamond in its quality, optical finish, strength, and chemical and physical properties.

    Certified by IGI International Gemological Institute