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calibrated polished diamonds:

Calibrated diamonds

Sizes starts from 0.30 ct
Colors D-E-F
Clarity SI1 - IF

Fancy Diamonds

From 0.10 ct - and higher
Clarity SI1 - VS

Colorless Diamonds

Sizes starts from 1.0 ct
Colors D-E-F
Clarity SI1 - IF

Why Oval?

For an even Oval shape, we recommend that you aim for a ratio of between 1.33 and 1.66 in order to maximise the light reflection that passes through the diamonds structure of 58 facets. Oval shapes are continuing to grow in popularity and are a historically a symbol of luxury and wealth. What better way to continue this symbol than with an oval shaped diamond engagement ring.

Did you know?

Oval cut engagement rings are a perfect way to optimise size per carat weight and it will elongate the finger due to its shape. Famous oval cut engagement rings include those worn by Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr and Blake Lively.

Diamond Facet Structure

Originating in the 19th century, an oval cut diamond will usually have 58 facets. The ideal ratio is between 1.33 and 1.66. Some oval cut diamonds can have a “bow-tie effect” which occurs when the central facets cast a shadow when the light passes through.

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  • Certified by IGI International Gemological Institute

    You'll feel secure knowing it's a real certified diamond SyntecLab diamonds larger than a 0.50 carat are certified by either International Gemological Institute or for an additional fee, Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Your certificate assures that your purchase is 100% identical to a mined diamond in its quality, optical finish, strength, and chemical and physical properties.

    Certified by IGI International Gemological Institute