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calibrated polished diamonds:

Calibrated diamonds

Sizes starts from 0.30 ct
Colors D-E-F
Clarity SI1 - IF

Fancy Diamonds

From 0.10 ct - and higher
Clarity SI1 - VS

Colorless Diamonds

Sizes starts from 1.0 ct
Colors D-E-F
Clarity SI1 - IF

Why Pear?

The ideal ratio for a Pear shape diamond would be 1.50-1.70 in order to maintain the beauty and balance of the stones facets that will give you a balanced symmetry when worn on the finger. The pear shape diamond has long been associated with royalty and nobility and the world’s largest diamond is a pear shape diamond that is a prominent feature in the Crown Jewels of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Did you know?

The pear shape engagement ring is also known as the teardrop cut and is the perfect way to elongate the finger through its shape. Popular with celebrities, the most notable wearers include Katherine Heigl, Jessica Simpson and Victoria Beckham.

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  • Certified by IGI International Gemological Institute

    You'll feel secure knowing it's a real certified diamond SyntecLab diamonds larger than a 0.50 carat are certified by either International Gemological Institute or for an additional fee, Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Your certificate assures that your purchase is 100% identical to a mined diamond in its quality, optical finish, strength, and chemical and physical properties.

    Certified by IGI International Gemological Institute